Thursday, February 01, 2007

Luke 11.27-28 // Thom. 79a: Thomas's dependence on Luke

I recently posted a temporary draft of an article I have written on the Gospel of Thomas's dependence on Luke 11.27-28. If you are interested in looking at the piece, I would be grateful for any feedback. It is at:

Luke 11.27-28 // Thom. 79a: A Case of Thomasine Dependence

Note: this is only going to be available on-line temporarily (latest update today at lunchtime). I am currently revising it in the light of feedback I am receiving ahead of sending it off for publication. I mentioned this on the Gospel of Thomas e-list just the other day and Mike Grondin asked April DeConick for her opinion. She kindly posts her response on her blog in a post entitled Is the Gospel of Thomas Dependent on the Synoptics. I will respond later.


Whit said...

Mark, This post is titled, "Lucan Dependence on Thomas." The post indicates that you're making the opposite argument. Look forward to reading the paper, but doubt I can contribute much.

Whit said...

Mark, Just read April's post. Now I get it. Sorry!

Mark Goodacre said...

Whit: thanks for spotting that. I've made the adjustment.