Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Biblical Studies Carnival XV

Biblical Studies Carnival XV is now available on Charles Halton's blog, and it is dedicated to the memory of Bruce Metzger. Thanks to Charles for a great job. There are no NT Gateway blog posts selected this month, which is good for my humility, but lots of other things of interest. There's just one addition I would have made and that would have been the advent of April DeConick's Forbidden Gospels Blog though that may be because it appeared right at the end of January rather than the beginning of February.

Update (Thursday, 10.37): My apologies to Charles; both Forbidden Gospels and NT Gateway blog were there, and also Chris Weimer mentioned the inception of Forbidden Gospels in the previous carnival. So I was wrong x 3!


Chris Weimer said...

If you recall, I noted her her inception in the last BS Carnival over at Thoughts on Antiquity.


Judy Redman said...

But both you and April are there - under the heading "Early Christian Literature", after New Testament and before Rabbinic.