Friday, February 02, 2007

Latest JBL

I realize that most readers will get the SBL Publications alerts anyway, but for the sake of completeness I liked to mention them here too:
The winter issue of JBL 125.4 has been posted. Changes have been made to the way JBL is displayed on the site. You will have to go to the site and log in before you can see this issue.

For a review of the many new enhancements of JBL, click here.

The articles in JBL 125.4 include:

Bishlam's Archival Search Report in Nehemiah's Archive: Multiple Introductions and Reverse Chronological Order as Clues to the Origin of the Aramaic Letters in Ezra 4-6
Richard C. Steiner

Proverbs 8:22—31: Three Perspectives on Its Composition
Alan Lenzi

Analogical Reasoning in Romans 7:2—4: A Woman and the Believers in Rome
Peter Spitaler

Taming the Shrew, Shrike, and Shrimp: The Form and Function of Zoological Classification in Psalm 8
Richard Whitekettle

What Becomes of the Angels' "Wives"? A Text-Critical Study of 1 Enoch 19:2
Kelley Coblentz Bautch

Did Paul Loathe Manual Labor? Revisiting the Work of Ronald F. Hock on the Apostle's Tentmaking and Social Class
Todd D. Still

Book Reviews

Annual Index: Volume 125 (2006)


Anonymous said...

Please do keep including these. Some of us don't get JBL, and in fact depend on your blog and a few others to let us know what's going on in that world.

J. Matthew Barnes said...

Still's article is quite good...and no, its not only because he was my teacher!