Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All Things Considered on Lampeter

One of my regular BBC podcasts is BBC Wales's weekly religion programme called All Things Considered. This week's episode was wholly devoted to a feature on and interviews with the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Lampeter. It's not often (ever before?) you get an entire radio programme devoted to a Theology or Religion department. According to the programme, the department at Lampeter is the largest in the UK, with 49 academic members of staff. We used to say in Birmingham that we were the biggest, with almost 40, but it looks like Lampeter are now winning on the size front. The documentary is found here, either for download (podcast), or streaming. It begins with an excerpt from a class on the Gospel of Thomas:

All Things Considered

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Anonymous said...

This was a surprise! I did my BA(Hons) at Lampeter in 91-94 and am currently back - though as a part-time distance student- writing my PhD. Its a great place to study, especially if you love the countryside.