Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Review of Biblical Literature latest

Latest from the SBL Review of Biblical Literature under the NT heading:

Youngmo Cho
Spirit and Kingdom in the Writings of Luke and Paul: An Attempt to Reconcile These Concepts
Reviewed by John T. Squires

Donald Jackson
Pentateuch: The Saint John's Bible
Reviewed by Walter A. Vogels

Luke Timothy Johnson
Hebrews: A Commentary
Reviewed by Craig R. Koester

Judith E. McKinlay
Reframing Her: Biblical Women in Postcolonial Focus
Reviewed by Valerie Bridgeman Davis

Daniel Patte and Cristina Grenholm, eds.
Gender, Tradition and Romans: Shared Ground, Uncertain Borders
Reviewed by Veronica Koperski

Marie Sabin
The Gospel According to Mark
Reviewed by Pieter J. J. Botha

Antonius Siew
The War between the Two Beasts and the Two Witnessess: A Chiastic Reading of Revelation 11.1-14.5
Reviewed by Pieter G. R. de Villiers

Leif E. Vaage, ed.
Religious Rivalries in the Early Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity
Reviewed by Joseph Verheyden

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