Friday, February 16, 2007

James Robinson on the Jesus of Q

Latest from Augsburg Fortress, and on a topic that is a particular favourite of mine:

Who was Jesus, really?

In Jesus: According to the Earliest Witness, James M. Robinson, one of the premier scholars of the New Testament and the Sayings Gospel Q, asks what we can know of Jesus from what many believe was the earliest written source behind the Gospels.

Over the years perhaps no one has reflected more sensitively and insightfully on the significance of Q for our understanding of earliest Christianity than James M. Robinson....In these essays Robinson exhibits the broad-ranging historical exegesis for which he is so well known, but also with surprising candor, lays out what he thinks it all means and why it is so important to listen to the earliest remembered voice of Jesus.
—Stephen J. Patterson, Professor of New Testament, Eden Theological Seminary

Robinson explores the trajectories in orthodox Christianity and Gnosticism alike, from this early witness to the canonical Gospels and beyond. Surprising insights abound and the author includes an autobiographical essay charting the important currents in New Testament scholarship over the last fifty years.

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