Thursday, February 01, 2007

Luke 11.27-28 // Thom. 79a: Thomas's dependence on Luke

I recently posted a temporary draft of an article I have written on the Gospel of Thomas's dependence on Luke 11.27-28. If you are interested in looking at the piece, I would be grateful for any feedback. It is at:

Luke 11.27-28 // Thom. 79a: A Case of Thomasine Dependence

Note: this is only going to be available on-line temporarily (latest update today at lunchtime). I am currently revising it in the light of feedback I am receiving ahead of sending it off for publication. I mentioned this on the Gospel of Thomas e-list just the other day and Mike Grondin asked April DeConick for her opinion. She kindly posts her response on her blog in a post entitled Is the Gospel of Thomas Dependent on the Synoptics. I will respond later.


Whit+ said...

Mark, This post is titled, "Lucan Dependence on Thomas." The post indicates that you're making the opposite argument. Look forward to reading the paper, but doubt I can contribute much.

Whit+ said...

Mark, Just read April's post. Now I get it. Sorry!

Mark Goodacre said...

Whit: thanks for spotting that. I've made the adjustment.