Friday, February 09, 2007

Andrew Das, Solving the Romans Debate

Latest from Fortress:

Revealing the audience —and purpose —of Paul's most enigmatic letter

"Why did Paul address a long discussion of Jewish themes to a Gentile audience? Scholars have long debated the "double character" of Romans. Andrew Das promises to resolve the debate through a fresh understanding of the identity and attitudes of the Gentile Christians in Rome and of the expulsion of Jews from Rome under the emperor Claudius. Solving the Romans Debate offers new insight into Paul's concern for the Jewish roots of the Christ movement."

Andrew Das' Solving the Romans Debate powerfully and cogently argues a solution.... that makes perennial problems vanish and that produces a credible coherence that has been lacking in the Romans debate. All of those who are serious about that debate must read this book.
Stanley Stowers, Professor of Religious Studies, Brown University

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