Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Formatting problem fixed

Gary Greenberg pointed out to me that this blog had some problems in some browsers. Specifically, the side bar was not rendering properly. I had a look in Internet Explorer, which I never normally use, and I was shocked to see what a mess it was. I took a long, hard look at my template and realized that I introduced two errors when I introduced the Google Reader, including putting a table in the side bar without a closing td tag. So this is to say that it should now be behaving properly again. Please let me know if it is not. I suppose the fact that no one else had commented shows that: (1) Everyone is now using Firefox; or (2) Everyone views the blog in a reader; or (3) People don't care what it looks like. I hope it is (1) and (2) rather than (3).


Danny Zacharias said...

How do you publish your blogroll like that from google reader? i poked around the sharing stuff and can't figure out how you did it.


Anonymous said...

Or (4): assuming the problem is with my browser or settings, not yours. Looks very nice now.

Anonymous said...

i use Safari on my Mac, which is both a browser and a reader

Matt Page said...

FWIW IE is fairly temperamental with blogger, or at least it used to be. I checked mine back fairly often as sometimes just HTML tagging too larger a piece of text mucked everything up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mark -- it's (3) for me. Excellent reability is something we strive for and admire but it really comes down to the value of the information.

Where the content is valuable, such small blemishes as HTML "bugs" are summarily ignored.

That being said, I'm glad you found the problem and fixed it.