Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Joel Marcus and Gary Habermas to debate the resurrection

Thanks to Ken Olson for passing on news of this event:

Two Views on the Resurrection
Joel Marcus (Duke Divinity School) & Gary Habermas (Liberty University)
February 20 @ 12:20-1:20 – Gary Habermas: “The Resurrection of Jesus and Recent Scholarship”
February 20 @ 7:00-8:30 PM – Two Views on the Resurrection Dialogue (Marcus & Habermas)

Flyer (PDF)


Bryan L said...

Is this really a debate or just a conversation. I assumed Joel Marcus believed in the resurrection so do you have any idea where he might be coming from in this "debate"? Thanks.
Bryan L

Mike Grondin said...

Doesn't look like a "debate" to me either; not described or implied as such anywhere that I can see except in Mark G's heading.

Interesting description of the sponsor organization:
"The Duke Socratic Club is the primary organizer of this event. The Duke Socratic Club exists to bring together various perspectives in dialogue on a range of topics for the sake of the Gospel." (emphasis mine)
Apparently there's a limit to the extent of Socratic questioning allowed in the DSC.