Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Joel Marcus and Gary Habermas to debate the resurrection

Thanks to Ken Olson for passing on news of this event:

Two Views on the Resurrection
Joel Marcus (Duke Divinity School) & Gary Habermas (Liberty University)
February 20 @ 12:20-1:20 – Gary Habermas: “The Resurrection of Jesus and Recent Scholarship”
February 20 @ 7:00-8:30 PM – Two Views on the Resurrection Dialogue (Marcus & Habermas)

Flyer (PDF)


Bryan L said...

Is this really a debate or just a conversation. I assumed Joel Marcus believed in the resurrection so do you have any idea where he might be coming from in this "debate"? Thanks.
Bryan L

M.W.Grondin said...

Doesn't look like a "debate" to me either; not described or implied as such anywhere that I can see except in Mark G's heading.

Interesting description of the sponsor organization:
"The Duke Socratic Club is the primary organizer of this event. The Duke Socratic Club exists to bring together various perspectives in dialogue on a range of topics for the sake of the Gospel." (emphasis mine)
Apparently there's a limit to the extent of Socratic questioning allowed in the DSC.

Gary said...

Dr. Gary Habermas asserts that his research demonstrates that the majority of scholars believe in the historicity of the Empty Tomb of Jesus. I recently discussed this claim with NT critical scholar, Bart Ehrman:

Bart Ehrman: To my knowledge non-conservative scholars do not generally read the work of Habermas. They tend to stick to the writings of critical New Testament scholars.

Gary: So when Christian apologists tell me that the majority of New Testament scholars believe in the historicity of the Empty Tomb based on Habermas’ research, I can tell them they are wrong?

Bart Ehrman: You can tell them that the majority of NT scholars have never *read* Habermas (and may not even know about him).