Thursday, February 17, 2005


I'd like to second Jim Davila's congratulations to the University of Aberdeen Department of Divinity and Religious Studies who have just announced two new appointments in Hebrew Bible / Old Testament:

Aberdeen makes two new appointments in Old Testament / Hebrew Bible

Dr Joachim Schaper is to be Reader in Old Testament and Dr Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer will be Lecturer in Old Testament. Lena was a colleague here in Birmingham until quite recently and I am delighted to see the news of her getting this post.

I've been having a look at the Aberdeen department's website and Pete Williams has done a great job here. As someone who was once responsible for our department's website here, I know what a time-consuming job this can be. But it is very encouraging to see their website building, and in particular to see the introduction of links both to published pieces and to work in progress. For the NT, see in particular the following staff web pages:

Francis Watson
Simon Gathercole
Peter Williams

I should also mention Andrew Clarke but his web page is not yet anything like as well populated as the other three.

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