Thursday, February 10, 2005

More Jesus sightings

Helenann Hartley has the latest on one of the recent Jesus sightings -- in a pan:

Pan with face of Jesus attracting more visitors

The article mentions an important sighting that I'd forgotten to mention, "a grilled cheese sandwich resembling the Virgin Mary".

Meanwhile, David Meadows gets in touch with the following:

Creepy items haunt what's for sale on eBay
By Gina Piccalo

This article from the Chicago Tribune features the following paragraph:
The Virgin Mary is indiscriminately possessing food. Topping November's grilled-cheese-sandwich manifestation, she has now appeared with the baby Jesus in a Lay's Smokey Bacon Chip in Geraldton, Ontario. "I'm really, really freaked out right now about this, especially after the Tsunami Tragedy after Christmas," the seller writes. "I am beginning to think that the creaking in the kitchen may have been a warning."
He also mentions a story about a Gospel Tree in Kentucky.

And there's a useful post from Ed Cook on Ralph , noting that this is all predicted in Gospel of Thomas 77. Well spotted!

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Anonymous said...

I too had a vision of Jesus but I have it on digatal camara
happened in the desert southwestern United states