Wednesday, February 09, 2005


And of course I have added Jim Davila's new Qumranica blog to my blogroll. I am looking forward to seeing how Jim uses the blog to supplement his teaching; it is great to see Jim experimenting with the medium in developing innovative teaching. (Note that the new blog features Jim's distinctive use of ".com" in a virtual rather than an actual sense, as in the case also of; there is no actual domain


Jim Davila said...
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Jim Davila said...

I deleted my first comment to clarify. I do own the domain names "" and "" At present I use blogspot to host the blogs, but some time in the future I may have other arrangements and need the domains. The titles of the blogs are notice to others that the domain names are taken.

I don't use the blogs as businesses, so I could have used ".org" for the domain names. None of the obvious ways to make money from the blogs appeal to me, and besides, taking money for them would make them feel like work. But I reserve the right to get rich off them someday if I decide I want to. And, of course, if I can figure out a way to do it.