Thursday, February 03, 2005

Neotestamentica latest

Thanks to Holger Szesnat for letting me know the latest on Neotestamentica. On-line information on the latest issue, with contents, abstracts and sample articles, is now available:

Neotestamentica 38 (2004) 2

Thanks also to Holger for drawing my attention to the following on-line articles, all PDF:

Crossan, John Dominic 2003. The resurrection of Jesus in its Jewish context. Neotestamentica 37(1), 29-57.

Punt, Jeremey 2003. Postcolonial biblical criticism in South Africa: Some mind and road mapping. Neotestamentica 37(1), 59-85.

Fischer, B 2003. The Lord has remembered: dialogic use of the Book of Zechariah in the Discourse of the Gospel of Luke. Neotestamentica 37(2), 199-220.

Steyn, Gert J 2003. Psalm 2 in Hebrews. Neotestamentica 37(2), 262-282.

Ekem, John D 2004. "Spiritual gifts" or "spiritual persons"? 1 Corinthians 12:1a revisited. Neotestamentica 38(1), 54-74.

West, Gerald O 2004. The historicity of myth and the myth of historicity: Locating the ordinary African 'reader' of the Bible in the debate. Neotestamentica 38(1), 127-144.

Draper, J A 2004. George Khambule and the Book of Revelation: Prophet of the Open Heaven. Neotestamentica 38(2), 250-274.

Loubser, J A 2004. D.H. Lawrence's Extra-Ordinary 'Ordinary Reading' of the Apocalypse. Neotestamentica 38(2), 326-346.

Update (14.00): I have added links to the above on-line articles. Later I will also add to the relevant parts of the New Testament Gateway.

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