Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Jesus sightings

While I am in light-hearted mood (teaching and marking all day induces some silliness by the end of it), I want to say how much I am enjoying the various blog entries on the Jesus sightings in bricks, frying pans etc. This is just what we need to cheer us up. Michael Pahl and Jim West mention the most recent -- in a brick. For those who have not been following this, here is a round up of the key recent sightings:
Frying pan

Cabinet door

Oyster shell

I think my favourite is the oyster shell. Have I missed any?

Update (Wednesday, 16.27): the latest is Jesus in a clipboard, with thanks to Helenann Hartley. Excellent stuff.

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Michael Pahl said...

Yes, that oyster one is my favourite also. It has a real "earthy" feel that adds an important dimension to our Christology, and brings to mind images of Jesus on the Sea of Galilee... :-) Helenann Hartley has just noted "Jesus in a clipboard"--christophanies abound!