Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New Perspective on Paul: Bibliographical Essay

I was lecturing a couple of weeks ago on the recent backlash against the New Perspective on Paul so for the first time had to find time to engage seriously with authors like Stuhlmacher, Das, Westerholm and Gathercole. I began to put together a bibliography on the backlash, or, as one should probably call it, the critique, but discovered that there is a fine one already available on the net. It is by Michael Bird and is a thorough, annotated Bibliographical essay, helpfully divided up into sections on all aspects of the New Perspective, pre and pro, ante, anti and tangential, all you need to know:

The New Perspective on Paul: A Bibliographical Essay
Michael F. Bird

I'd call it an annotated bibliography rather than a bibliographical essay, but that's a very minor quibble. It is located on Mark Mattison's superb Paul Page and is itself regularly updated, most recently yesterday. It also has some useful hyperlinked elements.

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Andy Rowell said...

Christianity Today has a cover article this month (July 2007) on the New Perspective written by Simon Gathercole (not yet online).

Scot McKnight is blogging about it at

New Perspective 1

Scot says the article is pretty fair even though Gathercole is a known critic of the NP. Gathercole does a good job in the first few pages of summarizing the NP but his criticism is standard from the Reformed traditional understanding.

Christianity Today cover articles do have quite a bit of impact. And for many pastors and parishioners, this may be their first exposure to the NP.

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