Thursday, February 03, 2005

SBL Forum latest

A couple of new items on the SBL Forum:

Results from 2004 SBL Annual Meeting Survey

This is not the political survey widely discussed in the biblioblogs but a survey of attendees at the recent Annual Meeting on their responses to that meeting. On the whole they are very positive. Unfortunately, it only gives the aggregated responses on the Yes / No / Maybe style questions and does not correlate any of the other comments. It's a bit like looking at the course evaluation forms we have here that students fill in at the end of a given course; the numbers give some idea of general satisfaction, but what one really wants to see are the actual pieces of feedback. Perhaps they will be forthcoming too.

The other interesting new piece is:

Search Any Book from Your Desk? Not Just Yet

Patrick Durusau

Worth a look.

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