Friday, February 04, 2005

Tyndale Summer School 2005

Peter Head has just sent this over and it may be of interest:
Depending on demand, we will be hosting a Summer School in June-July 2005. If you are interested, or you know someone who might be interested, please talk to me about it.


Projected dates: June 19 to Aug. 5 2005

Includes: 2 week field trip to Greece for learning how to 'read' an archaeological site and how to interpret epigraphic evidence using actual inscriptions at:
Athens (including the Stoa and temple in the Greek Agora
Corinth including Isthmia (site of the ancient Games), Acrocorinth, Epidauros theatre

Then in Cambridge, staying in an ancient college of the University or at Tyndale House itself for 5 weeks of seminars, tutorials, guided reading, and use of Tyndale House Library (which is reputed to be among the three best libraries in the world for Biblical Studies) including courses in:
Papyri - a hands-on course in reading and understanding them
Rabbinic texts - how to date them and apply them to the New Testament
Greek Tools - using electronic sources and ancient lexical aids
Graeco-Roman literature - the society and culture of the New Testament
Qumran and Septuagint - the earliest translations and interpretations of Scripture

The aim of this Summer School is to give first-hand experience in how to read and understand the primary literature by which we can understand the background of the New Testament.

It is designed for post-graduate students, and especially those preparing for doctoral studies. Some knowledge of Greek is necessary and some knowledge of Hebrew is useful. Work can be assessed for course credits - please tell us if this is required.

For further details see:

Please reply to this Dr Bruce Winter if you would like an application form (see previous link for details).

Dr Bruce Winter
Warden, Tyndale House

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