Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Doctoral Scholarship Funding Opportunity

I forward this message on behalf of David McLynn and the Panacea Society:

Doctoral Scholarship Funding Opportunity
The Panacea Society (an established Christian Society and UK registered charity) is prepared to offer financial support in the next academic year to doctoral students in biblical studies, theology and ecclesiastical history, working on a specific range of topics within the Christian tradition.

Rev. Professor Christopher Rowland of Queens College Oxford, and Rev. Dr. Jane Shaw of New College Oxford have both kindly agreed to advise the Society with this initiative.

I attach a single page word document giving further details. I would be grateful if you could forward this email and the document to anyone you feel may be interested in applying, and also to any appropriate departmental colleagues not included on this mailing list.
(For the attachment mentioned, just click on the link at the top).

1 comment:

Zeth said...

The topics are:

The Book of Revelation
The Second Coming
Millennialism in Biblical Studies
Jewish apocalyptic literature in Christian theology
Christian millenarian movements.

Sounds good as long as the world doesn't end before you submit!