Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Sword

I've been waiting for a chance to join others (e.g. Stephen Carlson in Hypotyposeis) in welcoming Michael Turton's new blog:

The Sword

Michael is clearly a person of good taste -- he has a delightful review of my Case Against Q.

I am also on Michael's side with the following post:

An Open Letter to NT Scholars
So now I'm begging. Take a moment. Get out your digital cameras. Fire up those scanners. Prod your student workers. But get those older works online where the world can see them!
I suppose that one of the things that does encourage me is what I call the quiet revolution that is taking place in scholars making available reproductions of their articles on their homepages. It's something you rarely see discussed when people are talking about open access, but it is one of the most significant and useful elements that is breaking through in the current scene. Just think -- you can read articles by the likes of Paula Fredriksen, Francis Watson, John Kloppenborg on-line on their personal homepages, and more scholars are doing the same all the time.

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