Monday, February 07, 2005

Chora Strangers

Thanks to Holger Szesnat for alerting me to this interesting website, not updated since 2003, but featuring lots of full text articles:

Chora Strangers

Here are some of NT bits and pieces of interest, again with thanks to Holger. In most cases there is no indication of where these articles originated. All are PDFs:

D. R. McGaughey, On D.F. Strauß and the 1839 Revolution in Zurich

L. Schottroff, The Songs and the Cries of Believers: Justification in Paul

H. C. Waetjen, Intimations of the Year of Jubilee in the Parables of the Wicked Tenants and the Workers in the Vineyard

H. C. Waetjen, The Trust of Abraham and the Trust of Jesus Christ: Romans 1:17

H. C. Waetjen, “Shakespeare in the Bush” and Encountering the Other: The Hermeneutical Dialectic of Belonging and Distanciation

H. C. Waetjen, Same-Sex Sexual Relations in Antiquity and Sexuality and Sexual Identity in Contemporary American Society

H. C. Waetjen, The Paradoxical Origin of Jesus Christ According to Matthew’S Gospel: Matthew 1:1-25

H. C. Waetjen, The Dichotomization of the Christological Paradox in the History of Christian Thought and Critical Biblical Scholarship

H. C. Waetjen, The Construction of the Way into a Reordering of Power: An Inquiry into the Generic Conception of the Gospel According to Mark

H. C. Waetjen, The Actualization of Christ’S Achievement in Our Historical Existence: Breaking out of the New Babylonian Captivity

H. C. Waetjen, An Adult Study of "the Lord's Prayer"

H. C. Waetjen, The Origin and Destiny of Humanness: An Interpretation of the Gospel According to Matthew (2nd ed. San Rafael: Crystal Press for Omega Books, 1978)

G. O. West, Indigenous Exegesis: Exploring the Interface between Missionary Methods and the Rhetorical Rhythms of Africa; Locating Local Reading Resources in the Academy

G. O. West, Early Encounters with the Bible among the Batlhaping: Historical and Hermeneutical Signs

I'd like to add links in all the relevant places on the NT Gateway proper, but that's a task that will take that I don't have at present.

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