Friday, February 04, 2005

Greek NT Gateway: Fonts update

I have finally got round to updating the following:

Greek New Testament Gateway: Greek Fonts

I have introduced a fresh (and much overdue) section on unicode, which I have prioritised. I have also tried to provide a little more than just a series of annotated links and have drawn special attention to the useful guides supplied by John Schwandt and Rodney Decker, both of which I have found very helpful.

One of the resources I had been using for some time myself is also linked on my updated page, the Unicode Classical Greek Inputter, but at the encouragement of Randall Buth on b-greek and Stephen Carlson on Hypotyposeis, I have begun using a proper Greek keyboard myself for inputting unicode Greek. And there's no better guide on how to get going on that on the PC than John Schwandt's previously mentioned.

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Anonymous said...

And where ARE the Unicode fonts on your page? ---
:-) Wieland