Monday, February 28, 2005

More on TNIV

Christian Century has an article on the newly released TNIV, Today's New International Version, noting that it has not caused the kind of controversy among evangelicals that some had expected:

New Bible woos young adults, skirts critics
John Dart
. . . . Zondervan has emphasized that its goal is to attract young adults who might not ordinarily take note of a new Bible version. “With advancements in biblical scholarship, updated language and gender clarity, the TNIV is a new translation that will engage today’s younger generation with God’s word,” says a news release from the Michigan-based publisher.
There is a further short article comparing the NIV with the TNIV, Bible Verses Compared.

I found myself when lecturing today comparing the two track approach that Zondervan / the International Bible Society are taking, viz. to keep the NIV going alongside the TNIV, rather like Coca Cola in the 1980s with their new recipe Coke and their classic Coke. But if I understood that situation, new reciple Coke eventually disappeared without trace, whereas it is difficult to imagine the same thing happening to the TNIV.

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